Focus on 1 Thing! (or 2)

In the remaining 5-10 minutes I like to end all of my sessions with a “hit”. I think it is a great way to end, allowing the client to end feeling good. Finishing on a high note is key towards player development. Throughout my time as a coach I have found that during these last 5-10 minute “hits” many clients would struggle, end up spraying balls, missing key things that we went over during our lesson. 

After seeing this multiple times I began to think. “Why does everyone have trouble hitting at the end?”. It is because they suffer from information overload! Tons of new things, all to focus on at once. Too much information causes them to tighten up and leads them to trouble. Instead of saying “for the last 10 minutes we are going to hit and put together everything.” I now say “for the last 10 minutes we are going to hit and I want you to focus on 1 or two things that we worked on”. One thing and only one thing (or 2), just like that I began to see all of my clients performance increase during those last 5-10 minutes. 

Moral of the story: when you are playing a match, hitting with someone, think of 1 thing (or 2). That’s it! 

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