Serving 101

You are playing in a match, serve is going good, you are up 5-3 and BOOM all of a sudden your serve falls to pieces, you can’t get it in. Now  “I can’t serve anymore” comes to your mind. Haven’t we all had this happen?!

I like to teach my students how to “cure” their serve. During our training sessions instead of having them panic, I give them solutions to make an immediate fix.

2 Things That Can Happen If You Miss A Serve: 

Problem 1: Ball Goes Into Net

Solution: GO UP! 

How to: keep tossing arm up, keep head up, get into legs, higher toss

Problem 2: Ball Goes Long

Solution: GO DOWN!

How to: come down across body, pronate racket, tuck opposite arm into body, fall forward into court

Remember: you have to go up before you go down! 

Next time you are having trouble with your serves :

  1. Figure out if it’s problem 1 or 2 
  2. Fix with the solution 
  3. Get your serves in!

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